4th Kildare Town Scout Group Special Interest Badges

Special Interest Badges

Special Interest Badges

In order to reflect the diverse range of abilities and interests of young people, Special Interest Badges recognise personal progression in different areas even those one would not necessarily be associated with scouting. Special Interest Badges are based on individual youth member’s hobbies and interests. They can be used to acquire a new interest/ hobby/ skill or develop ones they already have.

The requirements are designed by the young person in consultation and agreement with their Scouters. Badge requirements are designed to allow exploration of the subject, develop and improve skills, and put the new knowledge into practice, preferably as a practical project which will benefit others.

To help organise the Special Interest area five general areas have been identified:

  • Skills: This allows for individuals to develop their personal skills base. – e.g. drama, cooking, painting, martial arts, website design, musical instrument, foreign language etc.
  • Adventure: This should be an adventure journey that includes something completely new i.e. a new location, new method of travel, etc
  • Physical: Any physical pursuit or activity – e.g. athletics, sports team, caving, archery, training for a marathon.
  • Community Involvement: participation in a community organisation, volunteering, a community service project – e.g. St Vincent de Paul, After School Club, assisting in another section in your Group, Young Social Entrepreneurs, sports coaching, tidy towns etc.
  • Environment: an activity or series of events that make a positive impact on the environment/natural world – e.g. running a Leave No Trace day for a Scout Group, cleaning up a natural area, caring for an allotment, membership of a nature club/environmental society, learning about pollution and personal responsibility.