Adventure Skills

Scouting is traditionally associated with specific outdoor skills, such as camping and backwoods survival.  The Adventure Skills are the means by which the ONE Programme outlines the primary hard skills involved in scouting and provides a comprehensive competency-based framework for the young person to complete these skills.

There are nine defined Adventure Skills: Air Activities, Backwoods, Camping, Emergencies, Hillwalking, Pioneering, Paddling, Rowing & Sailing.

This range of skill areas has been chosen to provide a framework for an active and adventurous outdoor programme providing fun, friendship and challenge. Competency in specific Adventure Skills allows our youth members to carry out a great variety of Scouting adventures and activities in a safe and competent manner.

Adventure Skills Badges require a young person to achieve a detailed set standard in a particular Adventure Skill. The requirements are progressive, and ultimately pave the way to outside recognition by a governing body of a chosen skill.

Each Adventure skill is divided into nine levels of competency ranging from basic knowledge to advanced and certified experience. This model allows even the youngest Beaver Scouts to engage in challenging adventurous activities and begin a process that will see them progress in different skills as they advance in Scouting.